About Us

Who We Are

Data for a Cause is a Singapore-based network of professionals from different walks of life and want to contribute back to civil society with good data science. We believe that in order to draw out information from data that is specific to your needs, you not only need someone with the skill set and knowledge to design, collect, analyze, map, visualize your data, and interpret results, but you also need someone who is passionate about the cause you are working on. This way, not only are you able to gain insights into the work you do, but the information you gain is meaningful to you.

What We Do

If you are in search of solutions that require sophisticated analyses from someone who is familiar and cares about your cause, then we are the people who can help. We provide advice, consultation, analysis, and visualization of all aspects of your data, from experimental design and data collection techniques through to helping you find the answers to your questions.

Not only do we help your cause with data analysis, we also do our best to connect you with someone who is passionate and cares about the cause you work for. By giving you someone who is an expert and cares deeply about your work and who is also savvy with data analysis, we help you continue to do your good work.

Our network of professionals have a wide range of skill sets, from simple analyses that are easy to interpret to generation of maps and the use of geographic information systems (GIS). See the people that make Data for a Cause a reality here.

Who We Help

We are keen to help grassroot initiatives, local non-government organizations, and other groups that are focused on improving civil society. Whether you are working for women’s rights, a nature enthusiast, or working to help the disabled, we are willing to be the data analytical help you need.

If you think we are the ones who can help or if you need to clarify anything, get in touch.

Our Logo

Logo Colour no Text

Our expertise in geographic information systems and statistical analyses to improve civil society are all incorporated within our logo. Each coloured layer portrays the different spectral layers found within multi- and hyper-spectral data found in raster files. Each file also contains mathematical symbols, representing how integral mathematics as a universal language is in our daily lives; psi Ψ is disguised as a tree in the natural environment layer, pi π is incorporated as the buildings in the built infrastructure layer, and exponent e is incorporated as a child’s pet in the human layer. All these components come together to support the different areas of civil society; the natural environment, the built infrastructure, and human components.

Our logo was designed by Wong Sze Min, a talented designer and artist. Check out more of her work here.