Join Our Network

Are you involved in work you are passionate about? Do you have skills in data analysis and visualization? Do you not shy away from statistics and geospatial data sets? Are you looking to expand your portfolio?

If those questions are relevant to you, then consider joining our network of other professionals with data science expertise. We provide opportunities for pro bono work as well as compensation* for your time and skills used to improve civil society. Whether you are an ecologist, a social worker, a doctor, a veterinarian, or a human rights activist, we can find a place (and a project) for you.

If you are keen to join us, e-mail Rushan at hello-(at) withyour CV and the following information:

  1. Name – Whether on your IC, passport, or however you want us to address you
  2. Profession – What do you consider yourself to be? A veterinarian? Psychologist?
  3. Passions – What gets you up in the morning? What is a wrong that you want to make right?
  4. Data expertise – What analyses are you familiar with? Don’t be modest!
  5. Software capabilities – What software can you use? Can you code? Can you map? Show us what you got!

Once you have sent us an e-mail, we will make sure Rushan will respond to you in a timely matter! Do let us know if you’d like your information up on the website, we’ll understand if you don’t want to!

*As we are new, we have yet to set up a system as to how you will be compensated. Once we have sorted this out, get in touch with us to see how this will work.