Meet the Team

Our network has professionals with passions for different areas of civil society and bring different sets of expertise to the table. Whether you need someone to help you design an ecological survey, find the people who are in greatest need of help, or even make maps, we can find someone who can fit your needs.

Some of our data scientists and professionals prefer a bit more privacy, so their biography might not be available here. But don’t worry, even if you can’t see them, the expertise is still there! So do drop us a line to let us know what you need and we’ll get you in touch with someone in our network.

If you are a professional with data science expertise and want to contribute back to civil society, consider joining our network.

Without Further Delay…

Rushan bin Abdul Rahman
Rushan bin Abdul Rahman

Co-Initiator | Ecologist
BSc Environmental Science (Hons)

Rushan is an ecologist with experience in collecting, mapping, and analyzing ecological data from terrestrial fauna surveys, camera trapping exercises, satellite tags, and remotely-sensed spatial data. He is able to assist ecological projects from start to finish: from planning and experimental/survey design, collecting and surveying data from the field, data analysis and visualization with graphs and maps, and interpreting results. Rushan has a passion for doing and teaching sound conservation biology and using the statistical and spatial tools to obtain insights that are ecologically relevant. He firmly believes that good conservation needs high-quality data, considers ecology across space, and scientific rigor. Because of his background in ecology, statistical analysis, and spatial ecology, you can rest assured that when he works on your project, you will get results that are meaningful to conservation and have ecological relevance.

Passions & Interest: Ecology, conservation, sea turtles, trees and forests, spatial ecology, statistics, teaching, freediving and SCUBA diving, Pokémon cards
Data Expertise: Generalized linear modelling, linear mixed-effect modelling, non-metric multidimensional scaling, classification and regression tree analysis, occupancy modelling, spatially-explicit capture-recapture analysis, species distribution modelling, spatial ecology, movement ecology
Software Capabilities: R, QGIS, ArcMap, ENVI, TerrSet (Idrisi)


Hafsa Laeeque
Hafsa Laeeque
Data Scientist and Public Speaker Trainer

Dip. Info-Communications & Network Engineering
Hafsa is a data scientist who believes in empowering women in the data science scene. After graduating from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Info-Communications & Network Engineering, she undertook the Data Science Immersive course with General Assembly, where she continues to assist teaching the course as well. Being ever hungry for learning data science, she has re-enrolled into Temasek Polytechnic again, but has begun venturing into the realm of using artificial intelligence to find solutions for development. After seeing the power data science can do to change the way businesses think, she is of the (correct) opinion that data science is the sexiest superpower anyone can have. Despite its appeal, she has noticed a severe lack of women in the data science and coding scenes. Because data scientists and coders are so important to our everyday lives, ensuring more women in these fields is important so that new solutions can be found for old problems.

Passions & Interests: Makeup, human rights, taekwondo, and empowering children through public speaking and code
Data Expertise: Data cleaning, exploratory data analysis, machine learning algorithms, linear regression, support vector machine, principal component analysis, clustering techniques, ensemble methods
Software Capabilities: Python, SQL, Hadoop, Tableau


Claudia Gee
Claudia Gee
Geographer and GIS Analyst
B.Soc.Sci Geography (Hons) with Minor in GIS
Claudia is a trained geographer and GIS analyst. She believes in making the complex simple through visualisation. She is able to map and analyse different forms of data. Past experiences include conducting land cover classifications, and network and location-allocation analysis. During an internship in Dili, Timor-Leste, she mapped the microlet routes (a form of public transport), having done so with tourists and newcomers to the city in mind. It is the most updated information on the microlet routes, and as such, the feedback from the website has been overwhelming. Claudia has deep passion for conservation – she has volunteered/work in various countries of Southeast Asia and is only just getting started. She believes in using her GIS skills to increase efficiency in everyday tasks and is willing to hear more from you.

Passions & Interests: Geography, conservation, music
Data Expertise: Network analysis, location-allocation analysis, cost-distance analysis, land cover classification, population distribution, zoning
Software Capabilities: QGIS, ArcGIS, ENVI, SPSS